Sainik Schools are premium educational institutes of the country, which have been providing quality public school education along with military bias to the aspiring children. Sainik Schools have created glorious history of students from humble background reaching highest echelons in the Military Leadership, Administrative Services, Judicial Services and other walks of life such as science, technology and entrepreneurs.

Government of India has decided to set up new Sainik Schools in partnership with Government/ Private Schools /NGOs. The scheme leverages Public/private partnership in education sector, help tap into existing infrastructure available with reputed private and Govt. Schools and open-up new capacities to meet the growing aspirations of children desirous of receiving education in a Sainik School environment.

These schools are approved by Sainik School Society and provide the quality education along with the PLUS Curriculum designed by Sainik School Society, keeping in mind the holistic development of students in these school.

New Sainik Schools offer following benefits to Students:

  • The students now have more options and can select the school as suitable to their requirement for example Day School/Residential/Day cum Boarding or Girls Only/Boys Only or Co-Ed School
  • With number of schools increasing in every state the proximity to the hometown has increased.
  • Academic PLUS curriculum have amalgamation of physical training and value based curriculum
  • 50% of the Students up to maximum of 50 will be eligible for scholarship upto 50% with a ceiling of Rs 40000/- on Merit-cum-Means basis.
  • NCC training in JD/JW wing
  • Option to excel in one sport


  • Candidate applying for the admission in New Sainik Schools for Academic Year 2022-23 must have taken All India Sainik School Entrance Examination conducted on 9th January 2022 for admission in class VI.
  • The process of admission will start as indicated by the Sainik School Society after merit list of All India Sainik School Examination is published by NTA.
  • Interested Candidate is required to Register/Sign-Up on the portal by using Application Number of the NTA AISSEE admit card. While registering the candidate is requested to check the correctness of data and raise request for correction, in case, any discrepancy is found.
  • Candidates have an option to select maximum of 10 schools in order of priority amongst the New Sainik Schools available for admission. A candidate applying must mandatorily select at least one School.
  • First Round of e-Counselling: - For each school, seats will be allotted based on the merit decided on the basis of NTA rank.
  • Candidate has to accept/decline or request for re-consideration for second round of counselling via online portal.
  • The candidates who accept the allotted seat will be required to pay the fees to the school directly to confirm admission within the prescribed time
  • Second Round of e-Counselling: - If a candidate is not satisfied by the allotted seat or does not get any school allotted in the first round have an option to apply for the second round of counselling to get admissions on remaining available/unfilled vacancies in a school.
  • Candidate will have to again select the schools priority wise for second round of counselling. Merit list will be again published for each school and candidate would accordingly get to know the allotment of seat.
  • Candidate will have to confirm on the portal about completion of admission formalities, after the admission has been taken at the allotted school.


Admission in New Sainik Schools is different from the existing 33 Sainik Schools that function under the aegis of the MoD. Admission to a student in one of new Sainik Schools does not confer any right whatsoever to such student to claim admission/transfer in any of the existing 33 Sainik Schools. Further the fees structure, Education Board and language of Instructions differs from school to school.


Adani World School


Type of School : Day school

Student Mix : Co-Ed

Affiliating Education Board : CBSE

Keshav Saraswati Vidya Mandir

District : PATNA

Type of School : Day school

Student Mix : Co-Ed

Affiliating Education Board : CBSE

Motibhai R. Chaudhary Sagar Sainik School

District : MAHESANA

Type of School : Residential

Student Mix : Co-Ed

Affiliating Education Board : CBSE

Shri Baba Mastnath Residential Public School

District : ROHTAK

Type of School : Residential cum day School

Student Mix : Co-Ed

Affiliating Education Board : CBSE

Viveka School of excellence

District : MYSURU

Type of School : Day school

Student Mix : Co-Ed

Affiliating Education Board : CBSE

Vedavyasa Vidyalayam Senior Secondary School

District : KOZHIKODE

Type of School : Day school

Student Mix : Co-Ed

Affiliating Education Board : CBSE

S K International School

District : SANGLI

Type of School : Residential

Student Mix : Co-Ed

Affiliating Education Board : STATE BOARD


How much would be fees for these Schools?

Ans:- Fees for all these school is different and purely governed by school management.

All these schools are CBSE affiliated schools?

Ans:- These schools includes CBSE affiliated schools. However there are State and Other Education boards affiliated schools also in which one can apply for admission.

Is there any reservation for home state student?

Ans:- No. One can select any approved schools across the country while filling up choices.

How do I confirm admission of my ward after merit list is published? Is it compulsory to visit the school for confirmation of admission?

Ans:- On release of merit admission can be confirmed by paying fees via online mode. However it would be confirmed once documents are verified by approved school.

Can I apply for admission in Sainik Schools via this web portal?

Ans. No, this web Portal is for admission to new Sainik Schools only. For admissions in Sainik Schools, visit, www.sainikschoolsociety.in

How will the school get allotted to me?

Ans. Based on the Inter-se- Merit of the students who apply for a school and the vacancies available, you will be allotted a seat.

Is it mandatory to accept the seat allotted to me?

Ans. No, it is not mandatory. You can accept, decline or opt for next round of the counselling.

If I accept the school allotted to me and do not take admission, will I be considered for next round of counselling.

Ans. No, if you do not take admission in a school allotted to you, you will not be considered further for any round of counselling.

Can I get myself transferred to any other Sainik school later?

Ans. No, it’s not possible.

Are all these schools residential schools?

Ans. There are Residential, Day cum Boarding and Day Schools among these schools.

Does these school prepare the student for joining Armed Forces ?

Ans. The students from these Schools are envisioned to be equip the student with necessary life skills which will make them successful in their chosen fields. Thus, the schools aims to create a confident, highly skilled, multi-dimensional, patriotic youth community with leadership qualities focused on providing top most priority to the nationalistic objectives.

Is there any medical test for joining these schools?

Ans. No, but you are required to get general medical fitness certificate from a Government Hospital.

Can I apply in Class IX for admission via this scheme?

Ans. For Academic Year 2022-23 the admissions are given only in class VI.

How many seats are reserved for girls?

Ans. Equal opportunity is given for admissions of girl students based on inter-se merit.

What is the process of online allotment?

Ans. Please refer Admission Procedure section on the web portal.

Do I have to report to any counselling centre for registration or choice filling?

Ans: No, Online registration and choice filling can be done from a place of convenience (including from home) using the internet.

Do I require any documents to get registered online?

Ans. No documents are required for online e-Counselling. You will be required to verify the documents during the admission in allotted school.

Is it necessary to join the allotted Sainik School to get a chance to participate in Second Round of counselling?

Ans: No, in case a candidate is not satisfied with the allotted seat, the candidate can opt for the reconsidered option to participate in second round of counselling.

Who are eligible for 2nd Round of allotment?

Ans: Candidates eligible for seat allotment in 2nd round would be from one of the following types:

Type–I: Registered candidates who did not get any seat allotment in the 1st round.
Type–II: Candidates who have opted for reconsider after 1st round of Allotment.

Who are not eligible for 2nd Round of allotment?

Ans: Candidates not eligible for 2nd round would be from one of the following types:

(a) The candidate who will not apply for provisional admission/pay fee at allotted school after seat allotment in 1st round.
(b) Candidates who decline the allotted choice in the portal after Round I of counselling.

How can I get any latest updates information?

Ans: Regularly check the Counselling portal for any latest updates.

Where do I clear my Queries?

Ans. In case you still have any queries please write to newsainikschool.admission@gmail.com
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